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Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY Faux Headboard

When we moved into our apartment, we really didn't think about decorating right away. As a result, we have nice furniture, but our place doesn't look completely "put together".

Take our bedroom for example: it has the basic furniture like a bed (obviously) and shelves/dressers for clothes. Our walls are bare, and they are a particular shade of "previously-rented-and-spackled-apartment white". Our bed is new, but doesn't have a headboard, and since we want to get a larger bed in the near future, it wouldn't make sense to buy a headboard in the near future.

So I broke out my crafty side and made a faux headboard!

It's less of a physical headboard, and more the illusion of one. To make it, I used three 11 x 14 inch canvasses (bought in bulk from Amazon), a window scarf, and a collection of 3M hooks and hanging strips.

I painted the canvasses with grey acrylic paint. They tended to absorb the paint, so I needed 3 coats to really cover them.

After the paint was dry, I used ribbon to create three different patterns. I had some paper tape (for taping gauze and bandages), which was useful for holding the ribbon in place while arranging it, without messing up the grey paint.

I used a thin coat of mod podge as glue under the ribbons, and left enough ribbon at the edges to wrap around the back. The edges were taped at the back to finish the canvas.

Next, I attached three metallic 3M hooks to the wall, about 45 inches above the top of the mattress. The window scarf was draped over them, and then I attached the painted canvasses to the wall to get the finished product.

That's it! I completed the project within only a few hours, most of which was waiting for the paint to dry. The turquoise ribbon was a little lighter than I had hoped, but overall it turned out nicely. Plus, I have so many canvasses I can always redo them if I need to!

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