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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Recycled Chairs: Wooden Chairs Turned Teal & Chevron

We've recently moved into a new home, and after ripping out some hideous wallpaper (post to follow), and painting our bedroom our beautiful shade of teal, I had some paint left over. In a rush to get some seating ready for our housewarming party, I used it to transform some old dining chairs into cute, comfy seating.

Using some upholstery tacks, grey and white chevron printed fabric, and leftover paint (and some primer!), I was able to turn these chairs (which I got for free from a friend) into something eye catching and new.

To prime them, I used Kilz Original primer, and painted one coat (kind of haphazardly) over all four chairs. I wasn't really worried about getting paint on the seats, since I planned to cover them anyway. After letting the primer dry, I painted each one with a coat of teal paint. The paint brush definitely leaves some lines in the paint, but that was the look that I was going for. If you want a smooth finish, you might want to try a roller.

To cover the seats, I simply cut enough printed fabric to stretch over the top of the seat, and stretch around the edges. I placed of bit of polyester batting between the fabric and the top of the seat cushion. It doesn't add ton of cushion, but it fluffs up the seat a little bit to make it look newer, and less worn in.

I used some upholstery tacks to attach the edges of the fabric underneath the seat cushions, and reattached them to the frame of the chair, and there you go! Brand new chairs from an old dining set that was destined for the dumpster.